Radek Profile PictureWelcome to socialanxietyhome.com, the #1 resource on the world wide web to help you overcome Social Anxiety and Shyness. As a former sufferer of social anxiety I decided to declare social anxiety the war. I’ve been developing unique techniques for over 11 years based on NLP, EFT, Wing Wave, Hypnotic Re-Patterning, Subconscious Change Models and High Expression Exercises.



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First and foremost you have to decide for yourself how fast you want to achieve results. Many people suffer 5, 10 or even 20 years until they accept that they are “wrecked” and that it is probably fate that they have to be like that for the rest of their lifes. IT DOES NOT to have be like that! If you want the fast track to overcome your Social Anxiety you want to know more about Courses and Books that can help you gain conversation confidence, make more friends, eliminate panic attacks, phobias and stress you should go the the Courses&Books section.

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